About us

Magister JFT is since 2002 the legal faculty association of Tilburg Law School. We as a association want to contribute to the student life at the law faculty of Tilburg in the broadest sense. Both on content and social level!

This means that Magister JFT seeks to bring students, teachers and  the practice of law closer together. We invite everyone to take part in both content and social activities, such as the different studytrips, the Legal Business days Tilburg, the gala and the NSPW.
In addition, we want to be a good representative of the Law, Global Law and Public Administration students from Tilburg.

This means that the association wants to offer all students the opportunity to be active next to your studies.

Do you have questions about our organization or would you like to be active next to your studies? Send an email to info@magisterjft.nl