Magister JFT | AD REM, Chamber for Business Law, gives you a warm welcome! 

This chamber was established by Magister JFT in 2004 to connect with the business law student. Magister JFT | AD REM organizes study related activities, such as firm visits, soft skills training & lectures. 

Business law has a very broad field of work. However, most students are not aware of this. The purpose of our activities is to give students an insight into the possibilities they have. Do you want to be a lawyer or do you want to join a legal corporate team? Magister JFT | AD REM is there for you to find an answer to such questions. 

The Business Law student is formed into a multidisciplinary lawyer during their studies. During the study, emphasis is not only placed on theory, but also on legal skills. Lawyers should have mastered skills such as pleading and presenting. Magister JFT | AD REM offers opportunities to develop these qualities even more. 

Finally, the International Business Law committee (ILL Committee) organizes activities that are in line with the Master’s degree in International Business Law. The emphasis here is on activities where academic knowledge and professional practice come together.  

Does this sound like something to you? Then we would like to invite you to our activities. 

For questions or comments you can send an email to 

We hope to see you soon! 

Board Magister JFT | AD REM