Committee of Recommendation

Magister JFT has a Committee of Recommendation. The members of the Committee of Recommendation have a warm heart for our association and would like to link their name to Magister JFT.

Dr. K.M. Becking
Chairman of the Executive Board of Tilburg University

Prof. mr. J.E.J. Prins
Former Dean of Tilburg Law School
Chairman of the Scientific Council for Government Policy
Honorary member of Magister JFT

Mr.Y.E.M.A. Timmerman-Buck
Former chairman of the Senate of the Dutch Parliament
Member of the Council of State

Drs. mr. M. Noordermeer
Former director of Tilburg Law School
Director of the Dutch Research Council

Dr. G.J. Leenknegt
Associate professor Constitutional Law Tilburg Law School
Coordinator bachelor Dutch Law

Prof. mr. T. A. de Roos
Emeritus professor Criminal Law of Tilburg Law School

Prof. dr. R.C.H. Lesaffer
Former Dean of Tilburg Law School
Professor Legal History Tilburg Law School

Mr. P.G.A. Noordanus
Former mayor of the municipality of Tilburg

Prof. dr. E.M.H. Hirsch Ballin
Professor Constitutional Law Tilburg Law School
Former minister of Justice and Security