Magister JFT | DiCiT


Learning to discuss together, from first year to master students, that is where Magister JFT | DiCit stands for. In the company of fellow students, everyone is given the opportunity to act as a judge or lawyer. The dispute evenings of DiCit are all about an advocacy case. That means that you will quickly become familiar with the structure of a plea and how you present it; attitude, choice of words, persuasiveness and the processing of legal knowledge. Experience has shown that students who do not yet have any pleading experience quickly learn how to convert legal knowledge into a convincing story in order to convince the court that they are right. DiCit, however, is more than just discussing at dispute evenings. Activities that are both substantive and social, such as office visits and public advocacy evenings, ensure that you will have the opportunity to become acquainted with lawyers who have years of experience in court. With DiCit we do not only stay in Tilburg: for competitions we travel throughout the country to compete against other universities. 

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Board Magister JFT | DiCiT 2019-2020

Willem Hillenaar – Chairman
Ruben van Beek- Secretary
Rick Ansems – Treasurer
Vere Groenen – Promotion Commissioner