Magister JFT | E-Law was founded in 2005 and this chamber of the legal faculty association, Magister JFT, organizes activities of particular relevance for students who are taking part in the Law and Technology master’s program. This Master is taught entirely in English and a large part of the students are from abroad. Therefore, the Magister JFT | E-Law board and the committee consist of Dutch as well as international students.  

Throughout the academic year we organize activities on the topics of privacy and data protection, intellectual property (IP), cybercrime, information and communication technology (ICT), biotechnology and e-commerce. Examples of these activities are seminars, workshops, office visits and study trips. These activities are substantially of course very interesting for the Law and Technology students, but they often also provide possibilities for networking and help students with their labor market orientation. 

There is of course also room for relaxation and fun. Therefore, Magister JFT | E-Law and TILT enjoy organizing an annual Sinterklaas celebration. Similarly, drinks are organized at the start of both the spring and the autumn semester during which (new) students can get to know each othertheir teachers as well as the coordinators of the master’s program. In order to serve the international target group well and to keep all events accessible to everyone, Magister JFT | E-Law strives to offer all activities in English. 

Magister JFT | E-Law has a committee called the Privacy and Data Protection Workgroup. In light of the increasing digitization and the need to comply with legal requirements of privacy and data protection, this committee has the task of helping Magister JFT in complying with such legislation. If another Magister JFT chamber or another association has questions on this topic, they can also contact the Privacy and Data Protection Workgroup. 

Would you like to know more about Magister JFT | E-Law or would you like to participate in one of our activities? Send an e-mail to! We hope to hear from you soon! 


Board of 2019-2020:
Arax Apri – chairman
Vivian Manders – secretary
Tarryn Howard – treasurer
Celin Fischer – general board member
Dylan Verhulst – PDP coordinator