Board 2022 - 2023

Board 2022 - 2023

  • afbeelding van Daily Board 2022 - 2023

    Daily Board 2022 - 2023

    Sietse Gros – Chairman

    Job Canta – Vice-Chairman

    Julie Grings – Secretary

    Bram Reuling – Treasurer

    Sanne Rademakers – PR Commissioner

    Wauter Setz – Education Commissioner

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    Sietse Gros

    As Chairman, my practical duties include leading General Board and General Members' meetings. It is also important that I am aware of everything concerning Magister JFT. This means that maintaining contacts is a big part of my job. For example, I am in contact with the Chambers of Magister JFT, the Faculty Board of TLS, the Executive Board of Tilburg University, other associations in Tilburg and from other cities and more. It is my job to work on policy and new ideas, improve processes as they are currently run and ensure that there is a nice working environment within the board. Finally, I am also Chairman of TiGeAk, an umbrella organisation that, together with other associations from Tilburg, represents the interests of all association boards at Tilburg University.

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    Job Canta

    The Vice-Chairman fulfils the duties of the Chairman in his absence. I am also responsible for Magister JFT's external relations. This means that during the summer, I can be found at law firms a lot to make acquisitions and establish collaborations with partners. During the year, I make sure that contact with our partners is smooth and pleasant. I also coordinate the JBT Committee, the NSPW Committee and the Congress Committee. Together with these committees, we organise the Legal Congress, the National Speed Pleading Competition and the Legal Business Days Tilburg, being one of the biggest career events in Tilburg.

  • afbeelding van Secretary


    Julie Grings

    The Secretary of Magister JFT is the face of the association both internally and externally. For instance, I manage multiple mailboxes and take all applications for the central committees of Magister JFT, after which I arrange them. I therefore have a lot of contact with students, members and other parties. I also coordinate a lot of fun committees, including the Activities Committee, the Ski Trip Committee and the Almanac Committee. In addition, I chair the Application Committee. Next to that I fulfill the role of Confidentiality Contact Person within the associatoin, to ensure that members always have somebody to turn to with confidential matters. Finally, I am responsible for administrative tasks, such as maintaining the membership database, sending out the monthly members' mail and, of course, taking minutes of all important General Board Meetings General and Members' Meetings. Overall a challenging position, where no day is the same!

  • afbeelding van Treasurer


    Bram Reuling

    The Treasurer deals with all finances within Magister JFT. This also means that I am ultimately responsible for all money flows of the Chambers and the Student Party within the association. As Treasurer, you get a good picture of the internal functioning of the organisation. Together with the Auditing Committee, I ensure that the association's balance sheet is in order. I also manage a large part of the events and corresponding ticket sales. I also coordinate the Travel committees inside and outside of Europe. All in all, a very versatile position!

  • afbeelding van PR Commissioner

    PR Commissioner

    Sanne Rademakers

    As PR Commissioner, every day is different, but always just as fun. Whether I'm working on a new insta post or meeting about programme introductions, I can always express my social and creative side. My duties mainly consist of two parts, being promotion and mentorship. For promotion, I manage all social media and create content for on the channels. For the mentorship, I coordinate all student mentors and work with the university to give first-year students a good start. In short, a versatile job where you can gain a lot of experience, but also enjoy being social.

  • afbeelding van Education Commissioner

    Education Commissioner

    Wauter Setz

    The name already kind of gives it away: the main goal of the Education Commissioner is to support students in every possible way. As Education Commissioner, I organise various substantive events and am in close contact with TLS to discuss new initiatives. Of course, supporting the student also involves other matters, such as managing the book list, summaries and exam trainings. In addition, the Education Commissioner deals with the advocacy society, DiCiT, and I am editor-in-chief of the SecJure, our independent faculty magazine.

  • afbeelding van Global Law

    General Board member and Chairman Magister JFT | Global Law

    Bo van Gerwen

    As the Chairman of Magister JFT | Global Law my focus is on all Global Law students at TLS. Together with my board and our committees, we organise all kinds of events, from social to academic and from professional to personally-developing; there is something for everyone! As the Chairman I am responsible for the functioning of the board and its organisations, while also coordinating one of our committees and, additionally, also taking position in the General Board of the association on behalf of the Global Law chamber. Being Chairman of the board of Magister JFT | Global Law means working hard, but also meeting a lot of new people, developing on a social and professional level and learning many things that are not in the regular study programs!

  • afbeelding van Juribes

    General Board member and Chairman Magister JFT | Juribes

    Quinn de Roock

    Juribes is Magister JFT's Chamber for all Public Administration and Public Governance students. We organise formal and informal activities for our interested students to give them a chance to develop beyond their studies. Together with my Juribes board, I coordinate various committees, organise activities and deal with the ins and outs of the Chamber. Being Chairman also means taking a seat on the General Board of Magister JFT and thus having a say in things that affect the entire association. Being on the General Board is a nice addition to being a board member because you meet many new people, develop yourself enormously and look for ways to improve the association in the best possible way.

  • afbeelding van Justitia

    General Board member and Chairman Magister JFT | Justitia

    Maite van der Heijden

    As Chairman of Magister JFT | Justitia, the Chamber of Law and Business Law, I am responsible for my Justitia board and the committees under it. They take care of the actual organisation of the activities, which I, as Chairman, obviously have to oversee. My duties mainly consist of leading meetings within the Chamber and coordinating my board. I also take a seat on the General Board of Magister JFT, where, together with the rest, I ensure that the association runs at the top of its game.

  • afbeelding van Vrijspraak

    General Board member and Chairman Vrijspraak, Student Party of Magister JFT

    Isabelle de Rooij

    Vrijspraak, student party of Magister JFT occupies a special place within Magister JFT. Besides of course being part of and having a say in what happens within our association, the main focus of Vrijspraak is to represent all TLS students. This means that as Chairman, together with my board, I maintain contact with various other student parties and student participation bodies within TLS. As Chairman, I help ensure that Magister JFT runs as a whole, through the General Board, of which I am part.

  • afbeelding van E-Law

    General Board member and Chairman Magister JFT | E-Law

    As chairman of Magister JFT | E-Law your tasks are not always specific or clearly outlined which leaves you with a lot of wiggle room and space for creativity. That being said, in your position you will have to organise regular meetings with your board members to make sure events are being planned and new or existing speakers are being approached. As an LLM student it is understandable that you do not have that much time on your hands, but it is possible to balance the role alongside your degree as you have the flexibility to decide when to have your board meetings and when to organise events.

    Throughout the year you, with your board, have a wide array of topics to choose from, be it medical law, data protection and privacy law or competition law. You help organizing all kind of interesting activities for Law & Technology students. 

    As chairperson of Magister JFT | E-Law you are also part of the general board which sees to it that the association runs smoothly, and you can achieve goals for the law school! You have the opportunity to directly improve your university experience and that’s pretty neat.