Academic Committee

The Academic Committee aims to organise events that help Global Law students with their study and helps them develop their academic skills. The Academic Committee organises events like Study Clinics for students who have some difficulties with studying. These Study Clinics help Global Law students prepare for their midterms or exams.

Career Committee

The Career Committee consists of students who are enthusiastic about the organisation of events that create a solid basis for Global Law students to further develop their social life, soft skills and networking. This is important since most Global Law students are not aware of their career possibilities. The Career Committee aims to improve this by organising events like CV Speed Dating or an AlumNight.

Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee is responsible for the creation of the Global Law Editorial. This Editorial contains high-quality articles about various topics that are relevant to Global Law
students. The Editorial is a reflection of the creativity and intellectuality of Global Law students.

Excursion Committee

The Excursion Committee organises events relevant and interesting to Global Law students like excursions to international courts, NGOs, and other organisations like Eurojust. This committee is therefore a great opportunity for students who are enthusiastic about organising excursions related to career and study opportunities. Apart from that, for those
who are interested in getting more experience in the planning and organising of these trips!

Human Rights Committee

As Global Law students we keep in touch with human rights and their world wide use. The Human Rights Committee consists of passionate students who see high value in human rights and would like to dedicate themselves to charities who come in action for those who cannot. The Human Rights Committee organises educational events like readings, as well as practical events like raising awareness for specific causes.

Introduction Committee

The Introduction Committee is responsible for organising all kinds of social events. This Committee consists of motivated students, who love to keep themselves busy with
organising events where students can relax, escape the busy student life and meet other Global Law students. These events are fun picnics, theme nights, pub quizzes and parties. If you want to have an amusing night, make sure to come to one of our events!

International Assist Committee

The International Assist Committee is a Committee in collaboration with Vrijspraak, student party of Magister JFT. It consists of students who keep themselves busy with the integration of international students who just came to Tilburg. This committee organises events like a Bike Tour, the Meet ‘n Eat and supports international students on a personal level.

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