'The Newsletter Committee proudly presents the first Newsletter of the 2023-2024 Academic year!

This editorial is the labor of much love, commitment, passion for writing, for the university, for the student experience and most of all, for the truth. It marks the end of a semester full of challenges and changes. It aims to bring real-life experiences to the table—the stories of real people, of current students, of unheard voices. Based on student interviews, academic research work, and personal experiences of the committee members, this editorial contains relevant information and unbiased opinions about the difficult transition from online to physical education, about the upcoming and exciting exchange semesters, and about volunteering as a student, but most importantly as a human, in Tilburg, and beyond. To be in the loop with what is happening in the Global Law bachelor program this academic year, be sure to keep up with this editorial as it is its duty to contain everything happening in the GLB programme at TiU.

The committee and I wish you a pleasant reading of the first edition of the Global Law Newsletter!


Loes Adriaans, chairman Magister JFT | Global Law' 

Read the first edition of the Editorial here!

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