Bestuurskunde in Beeld: the Juribes Podcast

In 2021, Magister JFT | Juribes set up the podcast 'Bestuurskunde in Beeld: de Juribes Podcast'. Following the great success of the first episodes, the Podcast Committee has been installed. Within this committee several enthusiastic Juribessers take place to talk about subjects relevant to public administration, but also about the ins and outs of Juribes. They look back at past activities, but also look ahead at what is still on the agenda. In addition, the committee sometimes invites guest speakers to join. 

You can now listen to the latest episode on Spotify! Please note that this podcast is in Dutch. 

  • Eindejaarscantus

    today from 7:00 PM until 11:00 PM

    Spoorzone, Tilburg

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