• afbeelding van Board III

    Board III of Magister JFT | Justitia

    Samuël Besuijen – Chairman

    Sanam Kargar – Secretary

    Jan Stevens – Treasurer

    Laura Eilander – General Boardmember

  • afbeelding van Chairman


    Samuël Besuijen

    My name is Samuël Besuijen, I am a third-year corporate law student and this year's chairman of Magister JFT | Justitia. As chairman, I am also a General Board member of the General Board of Magister JFT. This means that in addition to chamber-related matters, I am also dedicating myself to the entire association. As chairman, I am also involved in coordinating the administration and ins and outs of our beautiful chamber. This also includes organising the activities we have planned for this year. Finally, I am coordinator of the Career Committee, which organises office visits all over the Netherlands.

  • afbeelding van Secretary


    Margot van Delft

    My name is Margot van Delft, I am a master's student in Dutch law and secretary of Magister JFT I Justitia. As secretary, I am responsible for writing the newsletter and all other administrative work. In addition, this year I am the proud coordinator of our first-year committee: Jong Justitia. This committee organises social activities for the students of our association.

  • afbeelding van Treasurer


    Myrthe Raaphorst

    My name is Myrthe Raaphorst and I am the treasurer of Magister JFT I Justitia. I am 19 years old and currently a second-year Law student. As treasurer, I am responsible for all finances within Magister JFT I Justitia. The treasurer draws up a budget at the beginning of the year and keeps budget during the year. As treasurer, I also coordinate the Publico committee. Together with the committee members, we organise all kinds of activities
    concerning public law.

  • afbeelding van General Boardmember

    General Boardmember

    Gwen Hulshout

    My name is Gwen Hulshout, I am a second-year Business Law student and this year I fulfill the role of General Board member within the board of Magister JFT | Justitia. I am dealing with all matters relating to Public Relations and in addition, I am the coordinator of our Privatico committee. This committee organises activities and collaborations concerning private law.