Internal Committees

Internal Committees

Vrijspraak has both internal and external committees. Internal committees are filled with party members, which covers the members of the Faculty Council and the Program Committees. They are coordinated by one of the four Board members. The internal committees of Vrijspraak are as follows:

Activity Committee

The Activity Committee organises activities for the party. These can be both formal and informal activities. Most activities are only open to the group members and the Daily Board of Magister JFT, but some activities are open to everyone.

Legal Dictation Committee

The Legal Dictation Committee organises the annual Legal Dictation. A well-known person who plays a major role in Dutch law is invited to recite a dictation. He/she may also give a reading in addition to the dictation.

Literature Costs Committee

The Literature Costs Committee deals with the prices of literature within Tilburg Law School. Besides that, they always check a numerous random syllabi to see whether or not they contain all relevant information for students.

Promotion Committee

The Promotion Committee is the committee that ensures that the party is provided with the proper promotion, in order to have Vrijspraak be as visible and accessible as possible for the outside world.

Application Committee

The Application Committee deals with the applications of the candidates for the Faculty Council of Vrijspraak. They perform the applications and they draw up the final candidates list.

Education Evaluation Working Group

This working group is concerned with education within Tilburg Law School and tries to make the problems within education known to the party, so that these problems can be solved as quickly as possible.

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