Besides boards, Magister JFT also consists of various committees. Active members and their committee take care of a certain activity or have another responsibility. Committees differ in intensity, but also in whether they are formal or informal. Take a look at what kind of committees Magister JFT has to offer and what they mean. 

Activity Committee

Do you want to organise the best and busiest get-togethers at Magister JFT? Then the activities committee is for you! With this committee you will organise the monthly drinks, the association weekend, the active members day and more. Besides all the fun parties and new friends, you will also gain new organisational skills. This committee organises activities throughout the academic year. 

Almanac Committee

The almanac committee is, as the name already tells you, responsible for the compilation of the almanac! The almanac is a yearbook, which contains interviews with, among others, board members and committees, which highlights the best activities and, of course, contains the most beautiful pictures of the association's year. Are you creative and do you want to take up a challenge? Then join the almanac committee! This committee makes sure that the almanac is ready for the active members at the beginning of the next academic year. 

Dies Committee

The Dies Committee is responsible for organising our Dies Natalis! Magister JFT celebrates its birthday on November 20th, and of course that means a party! Every year the committee makes sure the anniversary of the association is celebrated with a great party where all members, former board members and many others are present! 

First Year Committee

Have you just started your study and do you want to get to know new people and become active at Magister JFT? Then the first year committee is something for you! This committee consists, as the name already tells you, only of first year students of Tilburg Law School. The committee organises a number of social events during the academic year. This way you can get to know your fellow students and the association the best!

Gala Committee

One of the best events of the year: the gala! The gala committee makes sure this party is organised down to the last detail. The gala takes place in the second semester. 

Ski Trip Committee

For the winter sports enthusiasts there is an annual ski trip, organised by the Ski Trip committee! This committee selects the best location and organises an unforgettable ski trip for the members of Magister JFT. 

Legal Business Days Committee

The Legal Business Days Committee is responsible for the biggest professional event of Magister JFT: the Legal Business Days! This committee organizes this event, together with the vice president, to give students at TLS the opportunity to meet potential employers and to orientate themselves on the job market. Click here to find out more about the Juridische Bedrijvendagen Tilburg!

Media- and Promotion Committee

The media- and promotion commission is a supporting commission for the commissioner PR. In this committee you keep yourself busy with the promotion of the association! This can be done in many ways: designing nice goodies, composing a nice post and more! 


The MIK-committee is responsible for organising one of the most legendary weekends in the history of Magister JFT: the Magister Introduction Camp! This weekend is especially for students who have just started at Tilburg Law School. During this weekend new students get to know the association and their fellow students. Would you like to organize this event? Then join the MIK-committee! 

NSPW Committee

Every year, the NSPW-committee organises a unique event in the Netherlands: the National Speed Pleading Competition. During this competition, talented participants compete against each other by preparing and pleading a case in a short amount of time. The committee is responsible for the organisation of this day: inviting teams and jury members, arranging a nice location and more! The competition is in Dutch and takes place in the second semester. 

Pro Bono Committee

The Pro Bono Committee serves to increase and broaden legal awareness in Dutch society. This committee visits primary schools to talk about the law and, for instance, hold a small-scale moot court competition. This committee also takes care of the development of a law module and, together with the GoDoCo of Magister JFT | Juribes, there is the possibility to set up campaigns for the benefit of society or a good cause. In short; plenty of opportunities to get involved socially!

Travel Committees

During your study, a nice and interesting trip abroad can't be missed. Our travel committees make sure you can experience a fantastic study trip! These committees are responsible for organising the study trips of Magister JFT, both within and outside Europe. 

Sports Committee

Are you sporty and do you enjoy organising fun events alongside your studies? Then the sports committee is just the thing for you! With this committee you organise the best sport-related events, which of course are concluded with a drink. 

Lustrum Committee

Every 5 years Magister JFT celebrates its lustrum! In 2022 the fourth lustrum took place. To celebrate this, the lustrum committee organised a week with the lustrum as a theme. During this week there's always a cantus, gala, dies and much more! 

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