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    Board of Magister JFT | DiCiT

    Martijn Bernaards – Chairman

    Anna Schaalje – Secretary

    Eveline Antonioli – Treasurer

    Nina Prast – PR Commissioner

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    Martijn Bernaards

    My name is Martijn Bernaards and I'm 22 years old. I am in the second year of the bachelor's degree in Dutch Law and am also taking a number of Corporate Law subjects. As a second-year law student with a passion for pleading, it is of course a great challenge to lead the DiCiT Pleading Society this year. 
    As Chairman, I am ultimately responsible for the society, for cooperation within the board and for communication with the Daily Board of Magister. In this role, you get quite a lot of freedom for your own interpretation, making it a dynamic and responsible position. 
    As a board, we are responsible for organising pleading evenings, pleading trainings and preparing and supervising students at pleading competitions throughout the country. As a board, you have a lot of contact with the members of Magister JFT, especially during pleading nights where fiery pleading is done on the basis of all kinds of legal cases. Afterwards, there is always time for a drink in one of Tilburg's pubs. 
    I am looking forward to a fantastic board year.

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    Anna Schaalje

    My name is Anna Schaalje, I'm 23 years old and this year I am completing my master's degree in Dutch Law. In addition, this year I will fulfill the role of Secretary within the DiCiT board. As Secretary, I deal with the administrative tasks within the pleading society, such as keeping track of the mail and other contact with other pleading associations and the members. I am also involved in general affairs including organising our monthly pleading night.

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    Eveline Antonioli

    Hi, my name is Eveline Antonioli, I am 21 years old and I am in my second year of the bachelor Dutch Law. This year, I have the honour of being DiCiT's Treasurer. This means I oversee DiCiT's financial affairs. I am also, of course, involved in the general affairs of DiCiT and help to organise the pleading nights.

  • afbeelding van PR Commissioner

    PR Commissioner

    Nina Prast

    Hi everyone! My name is Nina Prast, I'm 21 years old and a third-year Dutch Law student. I will be the PR Commissioner at DiCiT next year. This will be my first year as a board member and I am super looking forward to it! My tasks mainly consist of communicating about events to the other board members, promoting the pleading nights and competitions and recruiting new members through social media.