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    Board of Magister JFT | DiCiT

    Kelvin van der Geest – Chairman

    Duygu Sahin – Secretary

    Edward Onderdonck – Treasurer

    Lorin Erdem – PR Commissioner

  • afbeelding van Chairman


    Kelvin van der Geest

    My name is Kelvin van der Geest, I am in the second year of the bachelor's degree in Law and am also taking a number of corporate law courses. As a second-year law student with a passion for advocacy, it is of course a great challenge to be active in the Magister JFT | DiCiT Pleadingassociation this year.  As Chairman this year, together with my board members, I will dedicate myself to the dispute, cooperation within the board and communication with the Daily Board of Magister. As a board, we are responsible for organising moot court evenings, the TAG (Top Advocaat Gezocht) and preparing and guiding students at moot court competitions across the country.
    I hope to meet you at one of our events.

  • afbeelding van Secretary


    Duygu Sahin

    My name is Duygu Sahin, 20 years old and a third-year law student. This year, I will be fulfilling the role of Secretary within Magister JFT | DiCiT. Within this role, I will ensure the smooth running the administrative and communication aspects. Fulfilling the role of the Secretary means that I will be actively involved in the activities of the association and that I will have the responsibility for managing important administrative tasks. As Secretary I will support the other board members in carrying out their duties.

  • afbeelding van Treasurer


    Edward Onderdonck

    Hi, my name is Edward Onderdonck, I am 20 years old and I am in my second year of the bachelor Dutch Law. This year, I have the honour of being the Treasurer of Magister JFT | DiCiT. This means that I oversee DiCiT's financial affairs. In addition, I am also involved in the general affairs of DiCiT and help organise the advocacy evenings. I am looking forward to making it a really great board year!

  • afbeelding van PR Commissioner

    PR Commissioner

    Lorin Erdem

    My name is Lorin Erdem, I am 19 years old and in my second year of undergraduate law degree. For the next year, I will be in the role of PR Commissioner at Magister JFT | DiCiT. As PR Commissioner, I will mainly focus on promoting communication and promoting of events. My goal this year is to attract new members and get more people enthusiastic about advocacy. I am also involved in the general organisation of our events.