The Call with Bird & Bird

On Thursday the 22nd of February, Magister JFT | E-Law will organize ‘’The Call” with the international law firm Bird & Bird. Bird & Bird has over 1200 lawyers in 28 offices across Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. With The Call, students will have the opportunity the ask questions about the firm, about internships and about what’s next after our master Law & Technology. The Call will take place in the Digital Learning Room (M020) at 15.00h.

Unfortunately this event is only available for Dutch students. Would you like to meet the company through a Skype meeting? Send your name, education, CV and at least one question that you would like to ask to Bird & Bird to: elaw@magisterjft.nl.

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Experience Days

This year Magister JFT organizes, in cooperation with TLS, the Experience Days. After you participated one of the sessions it will be easier to choose the right master for you. The sessions will take place on the following dates: 3, 4, 6 and 9 april. During the sessions the program coordinator of the master will explain the specific master in depth. Then an alumni will share his/her knowledge with you and discusses a business case. In the end there will be more than enough time to ask questions. Are you still doubting which master suits you best? Don’t hesitate and register on our website for the Experience Days.

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Attending broadcast Radar

On Monday the 16th of April, Magister JFT | AD REM will atend a broadcast from Radar. Radar is a dutch platform with a critical view on consumer affairs. Every Monday, this television program is broadcast live at 20:30h by AVROTROS on NPO 1. Antoinette Hertsenberg provides the presentation.

At 19:15h we will get a tour behind the scenes. After the tour, the producer will give us a further explanation about the program. After this explanation, we can visit the studio during the live broadcast from 20:30h to approximately 21:20h.

Would you also like to attend a live broadcast of Radar? You can sign up before the 1st of April by sending an email to adrem@magisterjft.nl, stating your name, telephone number and date of birth. It will take place at the AKN-building, Hilversum and will be in dutch.

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Seminar Tesla

Tesla is known worldwide for their innovative and fully electric cars. The American multinational, with its European distribution center located in Tilburg, is confronted daily with many challenges in areas such as regulation, privacy and innovation.

The IBL committee from Magister JFT | AD REM is therefore very pleased to announce that a seminar by Tesla will be organized on Monday 23 April, in collaboration with Magister JFT | E-Law. The seminar will start around 18:30 and ends at 20:30. During this lecture, some very interesting topics will be discussed, such as the implementation of the GDPR within Tesla and the challenges that Tesla encounters every day with regard to the regulation of their self-driving cars. The seminar will be given in English.

Do you want to join this very interesting seminar of Tesla? Send an e-mail before 16 th April to IBL@magisterjft.nl with your name and telephone number, stating “Seminar Tesla”.

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Visit to the Ondernemingskamer

Magister JFT | AD REM will organize a visit to the Ondernemingskamer on Thursday 26 April. The Ondernemingskamer is the Dutch judicial body with the task of assessing legal disputes in Dutch companies and partnerships, investigating them and making binding legal decisions.

During the visit to the Ondernemingskamer will a court session be attended and will there also be a unique opportunity to ask questions to the Chairman and Councilors of the Ondernemingskamer afterwards. In short, the ideal activity for students with an interest in Business Law and who want to take a look within the judiciary.

Would you like to participate in the visit to the Ondernemingskamer? Register now before April 19 by sending an email to adrem@magisterjft.nl, stating 'Visit Ondernemingskamer'. Only dutch students can participate. 

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