Tilburg University Career Portal

Tilburg University Career Portal

Tilburg University Career Portal for Tilburg Law School 

The Career Portal is a platform that helps you find your next career step. You will find interesting vacancies for internships, academic side jobs and starter positions. You can register for career events and networking opportunities. Get inspired by career-related articles, tips and tricks and make an appointment with the TLS Career Services Officer.

So take a look at Tilburg Law School's Career Portal!

Already graduated? Up to one year after graduation it is possible to request an account for the Career Portal or to extend your student account. Did you make an account as a student and do you want to keep using the portal after your graduation? Then you only need to log in and replace your Tilburg University e-mail address with your personal e-mail address. You do not have to change your password.

Would you like additional information or do you have any questions? Please send an e-mail to studentcareerservices@tilburguniversity.edu.

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