Sign up for a committee of Magister JFT!

Active Membership:

  • Gives a boost to your social life;
  • Complements your education;
  • Looks good on your resume;
  • Ensures you gain professional experience;
  • Makes your student time in Tilburg complete!

Our committees range from light-hearted ones like the activities committee to serious CV-boosters like the JBT committee, which organises our biggest event each year. There is something for everyone - do you like to organize trips? Then sign up for one of the travel committees! Are fancy parties more your thing? Then the gala or dinner committee is for you. If you want to gain a lot of professional experience and make contacts for after your studies, organizing the legal congress, the National Quick Pleading Competitions, or the Legal Company Days in Tilburg is what you are looking for!

Interested? Sign up by sending an email to! See below an overview of the commissions to see what suits your needs best.

The activities committee organises the annual Active Members' Day, the Active Members' Weekend and other social activities. Besides this, the monthly drinks are also organized by the Accie! The activities committee glues the association together with her fun activities, parties, and drinks - do you want to join?

The Almanac Committee is responsible for the creation of the Almanac. Here you can let your creativity loose and create something beautiful together with your committee members. Would you like to design the yearly Almanak?

The congress committee runs annually from February to about November. This committee organises the annual legal congress, an event with speakers and workshops that is built around a certain theme each year (e.g. sports law). Perfect to sharpen your organizational skills!

Every year in November, the association turns a year older - and every year we get to celebrate! The diescommittee organises the Dies Natalis, where members dress up in their best cocktail dresses and suits to toast the survival of the association.

Long dresses, skirt suits, glasses of champagne and of course our beautiful members: the gala is a sight to behold every year in May. If you want to be part of the organisation of this wonderful event, the gala committee is for you.

The Ice Cream Committee! This committee should definitely not be snowed under by the rest. You guessed it - this committee organises a great winter sports trip every year. Ideal for the avid skiers among us, or just for the student who still has to learn the pizza and fries moves.

A new country, a language you don't speak, and streets you don't know... the international assist committee exists to help international students navigate their new student life in The Netherlands. For example, by recommending nice restaurants, giving Tilburg tips, or translating letters from the landlord!


Every year, this committee organizes the Juridische Bedrijvendagen Tilburg, a big event where offices, companies and students get to know each other. This committee is ideal to gain professional skills and get in touch with possible future employers!

Goodie packets, clothing, posters, Instagram posts, flyers... what's a club without promotion? Are you creative, or do you like to be busy with these things, then sign up for the media- and promotion committee!


The Magister JFT Introduction Camp, also known as the MIK, takes place before TOP week every year and offers the ideal opportunity for first year students to get to know each other and who knows, make friends for life! The MIK-committee takes care of an unforgettable experience for the new students.

Every year several teams from all over the Netherlands compete for the first place during the National Speed Match. Organizing this competition is in the hands of the NSPW committee. Would you like to organize this national event?


A 1000 page pleading would not be able to explain why it is such a good idea to join pleading society DiCit, yet it is tried here in a few sentences: you don't learn it in the lecture hall, at DiCit you do... pleading is a skill that you as a future lawyer/judge/lawyer/consultant/whatever can' t do without!

Not one, but two. Every year Magister JFT organises both a trip within Europe and a trip outside Europe. You don't want to miss these study trips. If you want to have an influence on one of the destinations, you'd better sign up for one of the travel committees: the travel committee inside Europe or the travel committee outside Europe.

Again no committee: the SecJure is the independent faculty magazine of Magister JFT, with weekly in-depth articles on legal topics. You can find these articles on the website of the secjure. You can sign up as a writer to publish articles in the magazine as well!


Sport is no luxury during your time as a student - luckily the sports committee organises various activities to keep your physical health up to scratch!