Student Party Vrijspraak

Vrijspraak was constituted in 1990 as a studentparticipationparty at the faculty of law in Tilburg. Nowadays Vrijspraak is the student party of Magister JFT, but the student party still commits to student participation. Next to student participation Vrijspraak also organizes loads of social activities. Some of those are only accessible for her student party members, like the Vrijspraakweekend, but also enough activities which are accessible for every student of Tilburg Law School.

Student Participation

Student Party Vrijspraak consists out of two studentechelons: the Facultycouncil and the Program Committees. These two echelons take care of the student participation at Tilburg Law School. They promote the interests of the law students at Tilburg University. The Facultycouncil and the Programm Committees are supported by two Student Assessors. They act as the link between the faculty and Vrijspraak.

Every month Vrijspraak organizes an Open Party Meeting (OPM). In this meeting both the agenda’s of the Facultycouncil and the Program Committees are discussed. If you are interested in what is happening at the faculty or curious out Vrijspraak: everybody is welcome. Have a look at the agenda for the date, time and location of the OPM.

Social activities

Next to student participation activities, Vrijspraak also organizes social activities. Some of those are only accessible for her student party members, like the legendary Vrijspraakweekend, which kicks off the year. Other activities are also accessible for everyone, like the yearly Vrijspraak Beercantus. Besides that Vrijspraak organizes a Chamberparty with all the chambers of Magister JFT.

To put all the quality teachers in a good daylight, Vrijspraak also organizes the Best Teacher Election.

Because the board cant organize all this by herself, Vrijspraak has a few committees:

  • Activitiescommittee
  • Best Teacher Election-committee
  • Literaturecostscommittee
  • Promotioncommittee
  • Complaint box committee
  • Symposiumcommittee 


Curious? You are always welcome at an OPM! Also you can always send an email to or visit the Vrijspraakroom (M106). Furthermore Vrijspraak has an newsletter every month or two in which the most important dates and activities are mentioned. If you want to be on the list of interested people you can also send an email to our emailadress. Then you will receive the documents prior to every OPM. Finally Vrijspraak has her own Facebookpage which you can like to stay up to date!

We would love to see you at an OPM or at a different activity.

Kind regards,


Board 2018-2019

Lulu Stoffer (Chairman)
Willemijn Verhoeven (Secretary)
Niels van Ham (Treasurer)
Annabel Kolijn (General Student party board member)