Global Law

Global Law is a new Chamber of the Tilburg law faculty association Magister JFT. The Chamber focuses on the diverse interests of the Global Law students, and aims to enhance and aid the international community. Magister JFT is the largest legal study association of Tilburg, and therefore a space for the students of the highly popular Global Law bachelorprogram seemed fitting. As Magister JFT is a study association, our events will mainly be academically oriented, nonetheless, we appreciate the importance of socializing within the Global Law community, so this will not be left aside.

Global Law is the most recent addition as a Chamber to the law faculty association Magister JFT. The Chamber was established in the last General Members Meeting of the 2015–2016 academic year, and has come into effect as of the 2016 – 2017 academic year. We aim to establish events that will interest and challenge our target group. In accordance to this group, all the events the Chamber organizes are conducted in English. The events that the Chamber organizes are mostly aimed at Global Law students, nonetheless, any other Magister JFT members are always welcome to join.

'The Global Law Chamber also has three committees that help establish some of these events. The Career Committee aims to organize business-oriented activities and trips that bring students in touch with relevant companies. Second, the Introduction committee is active in creating activities with a social aspect such as drinks, parties and lunches with the aim of improving the Global Law community. The committee is designed for first years as an easy way to get in touch with fellow students and no there is no experience needed. The Academic committee is in charge of supporting the Global Law students with any academic challenges they might face. This includes exam-preparation sessions and the distribution of guidelines. Hence, since we try to enhance the community of Global Law students, a lot of the services the Academic committee provides include community-based learning. The committees allow even more Global Law students to be involved with creating some really interesting and helpful events through the faculty association.

If you would like to know what events we have coming up, keep an eye out for the agenda. Would you like more information on an activity or on being a Magister JFT member as a Global Law student, or do you have any questions, concerns, compliments or criticism? Contact us at