InterAct is a Chamber of the law faculty association Magister JFT that focuses on International and European law. Magister JFT is the largest legal faculty association of Tilburg University and was founded in the academic year 2003-2004. The association aims to showcase different aspects of the legal field by offering a wide range of academic oriented activities. In addition, a variety of social events will be organised. 

InterAct was established in the academic year 2005-2006 with the aim of organising International and European law related events. Since all of our activities are conducted in English and both bachelor and master students are welcome to attend, our target group is very diverse, international and unique. We offer a variety of activities, ranging from study trips throughout the Netherlands and Europe, to visits to major institutions and collaborations with our law faculty and other associations. 

Has your interest been piqued and would you like to know more about and participate in the activities that InterAct offers? Please contact us via email at and we will keep you posted on our events!