Course of progression

In September 1983 the study for Juridical Governmental Sciences started at the University of applied sciences of Tilburg under the Law Faculty. A growing dissatisfaction among the students mainly caused by organisatory problems, but also including remarks on content of the study were made. After a deliberation with teachers and especially prof. Hirsch Ballin it was decided that a study organization should be set up. It would have a positive effect on the content of the study and also the organization of it.  In November 1984 it was decided that Juribes should be established and the official establishment took place in March 1985. Students as well as teachers could become a member of this organization. In the year 1984-1985 Juribes already had 46 members.

In 1985 Juribes got its first computer and the first email address was created. The name of Juridical Governmental Sciences was changed in 2000, from then on the name became Public Administration. This was introduced to highlights the connections with the Public Administration. In the year 2002-2003 the bachelor and master were introduced and the study got its own propedeuse. It is expected that the number of Public Administration students will increase, the focus will remain on the small scale of the education and occasional trips into the real world. During the next year Magister JFT was created after a publication about “unity in diversity” (by a committee lead by Erik de Ridder, who currently holds office alderman of in Tilburg). Juribes is nowadays part of Magister JFT.