NSPW Committee

NSPW is an event where students get the chance to compete against each other using their pleating skills on various cases.

Students will be divided into groups of four people and each student will have to write a plea within 30 minutes in one of the three rounds individually. When the time is up they get to explain their argument in front of a professional jury. After each round the jury evaluates each student individually. At the end of all the rounds the two groups who are ranked the highest by the jury get to compete in the finally. Many students from across the country will be visiting this very well organized event on the 13th of February 2019. 

We’re very sorry to announce that NSPW is accessible to Dutch speaking students only. In the future we hope to make the competition accessible to international students as well.

For questions and information you can send an email to nspw@magisterjft.nl.

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