Promotion Committee

Our task is to make you familiar with Magister JFT. 

The image of study groups that they would be boring and for nerds, is not quite fair. We will prove you the opposite. Of course, like any student association we offer book discounts and cheap summaries, but Magister JFT has much more to offer! Throughout the year we organize social and academic-related activities, so that you can get to know your fellow students in a friendly manner and you can also orientate on your future in a fun way.

The Promo-cie keeps you informed about what is on
the calendar of the different chambers and committees
of Magister JFT, so you don’t have to miss anything.
This year there for example Magister has planned things
like law firm visits, exam courses, pleading evenings, sports activities and all sorts of parties.
You will see us especially at the TOP week and in
addition to that we organize the day to The Hague and
the court visit of the first year law students. Moreover,
twice a year we organize Music Madness, the party for
the first-year law students where you can meet your
fellow students, but also other Magister members.
This is the ideal opportunity to forget all your study stress while having a beer.

For questions, ideas, announcements and comments you can always contact us via email at

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