Magister JFT | E-Law started in 2005 and is the room for students following the international LLM, Law and Technology. This is an English-language master's programme and our room and committee consist of an international group of students.

Throughout the year we organise activities related to law and technology, including privacy and data protection, intellectual property, cybercrime, information and communication technology (ICT), biotechnology, AI and e-commerce. Our events take place in various forms, including seminars, workshops, office visits and studytrips. These activities are of course of interest to Law and Technology, but also help our students prepare for a future career in the field and encourage our networking. Our room prides itself on our study-related activities, but there is also room and time to relax and get to know our fellow students! For example, we often work together with LTMS, the Law, Technology and Markets department. With them, we organize a kick-off at the beginning of the academic year and a winter party at the end of the first semester. This is a great opportunity for (new) students to get to know each other and the professors of our program. Since we have a diverse student body with many different backgrounds, we strive to keep all our events accessible to everyone, also from other Magister JFT chambers. All of our activities are offered in English.

Our chamber has a committee. This is the Privacy and Data Protection committee. Our committee is there to keep up with digitalisation and the legal requirements set out in the GDPR. They also help Magister JFT to comply with privacy and data protection regulations. Our committee is accessible to other rooms of the association and is willing to answer any questions regarding privacy and data protection.

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