Committees of Magister JFT | Juribes

Activities committee

The activities committee is responsible for organizing informal activities. During the academic year the committee organizes a number of small activities, such as a Cycling Dinner. At the start of the second semester there is always a larger activity, namely the Pre Second Semester Camp (PTSK). During PTSK students can enjoy a weekend together and enter the last semester in good spirits.

Career Committee

Magister JFT I Juribes also wants to support students in the area of career. The Career Committee offers students the perfect opportunity to take a look within the field of public administration. Experts are invited to tell about the organisation they work for and about the job market you may find yourself in as a graduate in public administration. Every year, the committee organises the successful Dine & Discuss, where students can meet experts over dinner in an informal setting. The in-house days at various organisations also provide a perfect insight into how the theory works in practice.

First year committee

As a first year student there is a lot to do in the beginning. The goal of the First year committee is to make first year students familiar with the room and Magister JFT. The committee is a fun and accessible way to get acquainted with being active besides your study. The committee organizes both social and study-related activities. Besides some regular activities, such as an introduction activity and a theme party, there is plenty of room to come up with your own initiatives!

Excursion committee

Every year the excursion committee organizes the one and only Juribes-excursion. According to many Juribers this trip, which lasts several days at home or abroad, is one of the highlights of the year. Luxemburg, Brussels and Bonn have all been visited, with for instance a visit to a parliament or a ministry on the agenda.

Charity Commission

As a student of Public Administration and Public Governance you are trained to look at society through different 'glasses'. This year a part of the committee is involved in a project of the Move Foundation, where students work together with children who get less opportunities than their peers on a social project. Throughout the year the Charity Committee also enters into various collaborations with other organizations, where students can contribute to society for a short period.

Political committee

The Political Committee is entering an extra special year. In November the American elections will take place and in March the elections for the Lower House will be held. Around these elections a number of large and interesting activities will be organized. Also, the Political Pub Quiz will take place again this year, in which students compete in teams on topical issues.

Symposium committee

The goal of the Symposium Committee is to deepen and broaden topics of study. This year, the committee will focus on organizing interactive theme evenings and panel discussions. Interesting speakers will be invited, who will shed new light on current public administration topics from their own perspective.