Magister JFT is the legal faculty association connected to Tilburg Law School. We organise academic, social and career-oriented activities. For example, every year we organise the Tilburg Legal Business Days, the National Fast Track Competitions and many lectures. In addition, we also offer all kinds of social activities, from cantuses to drinks parties. Currently, more than 2000 students are taking advantage of the many benefits that membership offers.

As a member of Magister JFT you get up to 15% discount on your books. You can also buy professional summaries from us. You will also receive a discount on exam training, so that you will be fully prepared for your exams! Besides these advantages, as a member you are always welcome at our activities. Take a look at our Facebook page to see what we have to offer.

If you would like to develop yourself alongside your studies, we offer many opportunities to do so. We have a wide range of committees, rooms and an advocacy group. You can also make yourself heard as a student in the council. For more information send an email to