Magister JFT is the study-association of Tilburg Law school. The association was founded in the academic year 2003-2004. The goal of the association is to contribute to the student life of students studying law at Tilburg University. 
This means that Magister JFT mainly focuses on bringing students, lecturers and law in practice closer together. This happens by inviting them to participate in study related, but also social activities, with a broad field of interests for all law students. Worthy mentioning are the legal businessdays, the annual Magister JFT ball and the National Pleadingcompetitions.

But besides that the association wishes to be a representative of the law students of Tilburg University. This is not only carried out in several consultative organs but also outside of the campus of Tilburg University.

The association wishes to provide everyone a chance to develop themselves, alongside their studies and outside of the lecture room. This can be effectuated by involvement with the subject matter, but also by learning how to organize and manage. This means that the association provides all law students of Tilburg University a chance to become an active member by organizing activities (social or study related) but also to assist the association by visiting law firms or by helping with the financial administration of the association. In short this means that the association wants to help everyone fulfill a function that fits his or her preferences. This can vary from one hour a week up to a fulltime function.

If you have any questions about a the association, the activities or a membership, don't hesitate to ask us! You always can visit our office at E211 (second floor of the Esplanade Building).
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