Honorary members of Vrijspraak, student party of Magister JFT

Vrijspraak has a number of honorary members. Each of them has a special reason why, according to the student party, they deserve honorary membership. Some of them have been involved in the creation of Vrijspraak after the merger with Magister JFT, others have been of great importance to the student party in a way that goes beyond the party itself. We are therefore honoured that they have accepted the Honorary Membership of Vrijspraak. At the moment, Vrijspraak has 12 honorary members, namely:

Erik de Ridder

Klaas Dijkhoff

Raymond Kubben

Eddy Butin Bik

Chris Janssen

Jeroen Stekelenburg

Antoine Westerhoff

Rob Dobbelsteijn

Miriam Dobbelstijn-Bisschops

Roel Lauwerier

Andries Stekelenburg

Ferenc Welten