Dear Reader,

We hereby present the second newsletter of the academic year. It has been a busy month for us as well as for you. The exam period has started again and we hope that you got through it well.

This newsletter is mainly about the sixth Lustrum of Vrijspraak, which we were able to celebrate last month. Thanks to those who attended and we hope to see you again at the upcoming activities, like the Vrijspraak weekend!

We will also give an update about the International Lunch that will take place soon!

With kind regards,

Board XXXI

Open Party Meetings

Most recent Open Party Meeting:

Lustrum Open Party Meeting 6th of October 2021

In the second OPM of this academic year there were quite a few things to discuss. The University Council presented their report, which got well received by the party members and the audience. The Program Committee submitted their report to the OPM, as did the Faculty Council. Both reports were well received and received no comments. There was also an application for the Program Committees. Ariel Teo was appointed as a member of the Program Committees for the Master International Law and Global Governance.
At the end of the OPM, Stijn de Kort, former chairman of Vrijspraak, opened our sixth lustrum in a festive way. The opening of the lustrum was celebrated after the OPM at Bruin Kafee and fortunately many of you were there as well. We as a board have enjoyed this evening.

Upcoming Open Party Meetings:

  • Open Party Meeting 3rd of November 2021
  • Open Party meeting 24th of November 2021

Vrijspraak Lustrum

From the 6th up to and including the 12th of October, we celebrated the sixth Lustrum of Vrijspraak. This was a great week for us with lots of fun activities. The Lustrum was opened during the last OPM on Wednesday the 6th of October and afterwards we celebrated the opening of the Lustrum at Bruin Kafee. On Thursday the 7th of October the legendary Lustrum Cantus took place. Saturday the 9th October the dinner and gala took place at the Commanderie. On Monday the 11th of October there was an assertiveness training on campus where we received a gift for our Lustrum from the Faculty Board, for which we would like to thank them. On Tuesday the 12th of October the lustrum was closed with the monthly drink of Magister in the Lustrum theme.
During this lustrum, we’ve created some unforgettable memories and we truly can say that we’ve had the time of our lives celebrating this festive event with all of our (previous) party members and board members. We want to thank everyone who was there to celebrate with us and who helped us along the way!

Represent your program in the Program Committees this year!

We are still looking for a few new members for the Program Committees of 2021-2022. As a member, you represent your program to make its quality better. Together with the representatives of the other programs, you try to improve the education at Tilburg Law School even more. Furthermore, it’s the ultimate chance to get experience within student participation and to develop yourself professionally. You will become a member of a close student party that also offers a lot of fun and social activities.

We are still looking for some members for the following programs:

  • Bachelor Tax Law
  • Master European Law and Global Risk

If you are interested or know someone who may be interested or if you have any questions, please send an e-mail to for more information.


Vrijspraak weekend

This weekend, the famous Vrijspraakweekend will finally take place again! Last year, the weekend sadly had to be cancelled. That’s why this year, current party members as well as last year’s party members will be attending, meaning it’s going to be double the fun! The theme of the weekend is Party in the U.S.A. and every day is filled with many great activities. Right now, Julie is busy with dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s by finishing all the preparations. It’s going to be a legendary weekend and we hope that all attendees are as excited as we are!

International lunch

We’ve also started with the preparations for this semester’s International Lunch. We’ve selected Monday, the 22nd of November for this activity. All international students of TLS are invited to this activity to have a nice lunch together and moreover to express their opinions, remarks and ideas about the faculty and its education. It is a great way to let your voice be heard and to see that you might not be the only one experiencing a specific problem. Naturally we’ll be present at the Lunch as well to gather your input, so that we can take it to the faculty.
Over the last few years, we’ve noticed that the International Lunch hasn’t been as successful as we’d hoped. That’s why this year, we wanted to expand in a very new way. We are more than excited to announce that we will be collaborating with student association I*ESN to bring the International Lunch under the attention of more students! We are really looking forward to this collaboration and we truly think that this will take the Lunch to the next level.



  • 3rd of November 2021
  • 24th of November 2021

Other activities

  • 29th up to and including 31st of October: Vrijspraakweekend
  • 22nd of November: International Lunch