1. When can I pick up my summary?

If you order your summary before 11 o’clock in the morning you will be able to pick up your summary the next day between 13 o’clock and 15 o’clock at the boardroom of Magister JFT.

2. When are the summaries ready for purchase?

The Education Commissioner of Magister JFT makes the summaries available directly when they’re ready. Is a summary not available in the webshop? Then it’s not available at all.

3. Is it possible to deliver my summary at home?

No, unfortunately we do not send our summaries to customers. The only way is to pick them up.

4. I purchased a ticket for an activity, were can I find the ticket? Do I have to pick it up somewhere?

If you purchased a ticket for an activity you will automatically be put on the guest list. You do not receive an actual ticket. For questions about your purchase you can send the Treasurer an email: treasurer@magisterjft.nl

5. How can I pay?

In the webshop it is possible to pay with iDeal and with credit card. Is this not working well? Then it is also possible to pay by card or cash at the boardroom.

6. Are there transaction costs involved?

Yes, every time you order something in the webshop it will cost you €0,50 per transaction.

7. I have a question about a summary, what do I do?

For questions or problems concerning summaries you can email to: educationcommissioner@magisterjft.nl

8. I have a question about the webshop or my orders, what do I do?

For questions or problems concerning the webshop or my orders you can email to: treasurer@magisterjft.nl 

9. Where can I find Magister JFT?

The offices of Magister JFT can be found in the Esplanade Building (E-building) on the second floor.