Magister JFT | Global Law is the chamber that aims to improve the student experience of Global Law students at Tilburg Law school. The chamber does this through the organizing of a broad range of events. One of our main goals is to offer something to every type of Global Law student. For the students looking for in-depth exploration of the law program, we organise guest lectures, study clinics and discussion groups. For students who want to escape the studying, we organise parties, cantusses, movie nights and other social activities. Finally, we offer students the possibility to look into career possibilities. We achieve this through network events, firm trips, trainings and lectures. Our chamber is mainly known for its great environment and has provided many Global Law students with a close group of friends.

Magister JFT | Global Law consists of a board, 4 committees and many members. The Human Rights Committee organises lectures, trips (e.g to Unicef and the ICC) and discussion groups relating to actual humanitarian problems. The Introduction Committee is occupied with the organisation of parties and other social events. The Academic Committee is responsible for the organisation of study clinics, exam preparation groups and other study-related events. The Career Committee organises all events related to career orientation.

All in all, Magister JFT | Global Law tries to offer students a complete study and student experience next to the Global Law bachelor. Do you want to keep up to date on what our Chamber does? Are you interested in one of the things we do? Or do you think you can contribute to our chamber? Send an email to or reach out to one of our board members.