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Human Rights Committee

The Human Rights Committee’s main focus lies on extra-curricular exploration of human rights–related topics. We do our best inbuilding an enthusiastic group, where every member feels that their input andinitiative are welcome. It is a chance for young and passionate students to experience work in the humanitarian field, an area of special interest to so many Global Law students. Although HRC’s focus may be slightly revised every year, regular discussions of controversial news andother polarising topics have proven to be a great success. An effective way of raising awareness oncurrent humanitarian crises are guest lectures, which are amply organised by our committee throughoutthe year. HRC seeks to support worthy causes through fund-raising or spreading the word. We are proudof our interaction with the city of Tilburg, which aims to bring Global Law students closer to the localcommunity. External trips to NGO offices can be of great help in professional orientation and will not beoverlooked by HRC either.