Magister JFT I Juribes is the chamber for all Public Administration and Public Governance students at Tilburg Law School. With the arrival of the study Public Governance, Juribes has taken on a more international character, including topics outside the Netherlands. As a chamber for these two studies, there is a wide range of annual activities that tie in with this. Both informal and formal activities are organized from different angles such as the professional field, society and the study. This is mainly facilitated by committee members who, together with the board members, form an active following within Magister JFT.

The Juribes study association was established on 7 March 1985. Through a study association, students were able to better represent their interests. For a long time, Juribes functioned as a study association. In addition, there was a need for an association for students of Public Administration so that they could organize both formal and informal activities. The name “Juribes” is derived from the name of the Law Public Administration program. The name of the program has been changed to Public Administration. In 2002-2003 a report was published by the Committee de Ridder, in which it was proposed that all the small study associations that Tilburg Law School was now rich in should be merged into one large study association, Magister Juridische Faculty Faculty Association Tilburg. Since then, Magister JFT I Juribes has served as Magister JFT’s chamber.