Welcome at the page of Magister JFT | Livius!

We are the chamber dedicated to Dutch law and we organize a diverse range of activities within this discipline. Our activities focus mainly on private law, criminal law and constitutional and administrative law. Beside these main subjects our activities also zoom in on niches like disciplinary law, environmental law, sports law, military law and juvenille law. There is something for everyone!  

Magister JFT | Livius mainly focuses on organizing study related activities. We strive to organize a wide range of activities to get the students acquainted with law in its widest sense. Therefore it is important to appoint that we organize activities that show all of the career opportunities for students who study Dutch law. During our activities we will not only focus at the legal profession, but we will also highlight other professions which are related to the study of Dutch law. Beside activities dedicated to Dutch Law, we also organize activities which are related to the Master of Victimology and Criminal Justice. We invite all of the students to come join us during one of our activities!

Do you have any questions, suggestions or ideas or do you want to be kept informed about our activities through our newsletter? Feel free to send an e-mail to livius@magisterjft.nl 

We hope to see you at one of our activities! 

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The Board of Magister JFT | Livius 

  • Jody Esveldt – Chairman
  • Veronique Coenen – Secretary
  • Charlotte Visser – Treasurer
  • Rosalie van de Laar – General chamber board member