Members of Merit

Some members have meant a lot for Magister JFT and are still very important for the association. Currently Magister JFT has six Members of Merit.

Joost van Damme

Drs. Joost van Damme was the first chairman of the Executive Board of Magister JFT. Before the merger of several associations took place, he was a member of the board of Juribes. Furthermore Joost van Damme has been active in acquittal and he was part of the first anniversary committee Magister JFT. He currently takes place in the Advisory Council of Magister JFT. Joost van Damme has always actively promoting the association and its state now also with advice and assistance. After graduating Joost worked as a policy researcher / advisor in business. After several years, he made the switch increments to education. Last year experienced Joost adventures in London. Now he has adventures as a geography teacher at two schools. One in Delft and one in Utrecht.

Simone Fennell Van Esch

Simone Fennell-Esch LL.M. MPhil. has been particularly active in Magister JFT. So she has been chairman of Magister JFT | E-Law and they completed two years, the function of the editor of SecJure, independently faculty magazine. By virtue of these features Simone also has three years been part of the General Administration of Magister JFT. In addition, she has been for two years a member of the Education Committees


Raymond Kubben

Dr. Raymond Kubben was chairman of JF Factor and member of the committee-Ridder involved in the creation of Magister JFT. Previously, he was active in Acquittal – including as a board member and member of the Faculty Council (2001- 2002) – and Juribes and he was editor of the SecJure (1999-2003). Raymond is a member of the Advisory Board of Magister JFT. He was from 2007 until the summer of 2012 JUVAT president of the alumni association where our alumni association Yesterday part. He was promoted in 2009 by a historical law thesis.

Until August 2014 he was a lecturer at the Department of Public Law, Jurisprudence and Legal Tilburg University. He is currently a senior advisor at the Ministry of Education, as such, stationed as a staff member in the Office of the Education Council. He is president of the Southern Historical Foundation Contact – a non-profit publisher of Brabant history – and a member of the advisory board of the University College Tilburg.


Peter Limpt

Peter Limpt in November 2012, during the anniversary week, was appointed Member of Merit of Magister JFT. He has worked with passion and pleasure during his studies for the many rooms / committees in which he took seat. One can think of including his positions as Vice-President of the Executive Board 2008-2009; president of com-o-cie (now Design Commission); AD board member of R & M (now AD REM); member of the Almanac Committee; a member of the Education Committees and coordinator Faculty at the fraction Vrijspraak and, last but not least: president of the second Lustrumcommittee.

So far his “official” involvement in Magister JFT, but there is more. Whether it was to manage the website, design of promotional materials, ICT, or general advice, Peter you could always go and he was also often found in building E. Besides Magister JFT was Peter also worked as a student assistant in the faculties and TLS TiSEM and he also has the Student Advisory Office seated in the cie Management scholarships.


Bob van Soolingen

Bob van Soolingen in November 2017, during the anniversary week, was appointed Member of Merit of Magister JFT. We know Bob include official as former president of our association, student assessor at the faculty and students representing interests in the ISO in Utrecht. We come regularly to him as chairman of our activities and he regularly draws still suit to sing a cantus. He enjoys a night sleep over if he mean the union can help, although you hear it here or grumble about. Bob is a special person with a very big heart for both Master and his neighbors.


Maaike van Santvoort

Maaike van Santvoort in November 2017, during the anniversary week, was appointed Member of Merit of Magister JFT. Maaike met in AD REM board Zuidas came on later as vice president successfully money same Zuidas to Tilburg. She herself was happy for the club after graduating in beautiful Tilburg working as a lawyer and as a good counselor in our Advisory Board. Her fanaticism for the society was reflected in the savings of all active members of different shirts. This happened so fanatical that they also took place in the Career Commission Juribes to be able to add this beautiful shirt to her collection.