Awareness Week - Civil Rights Workshop

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Awareness Week - Civil Rights Workshop

Civil Rights workshop by the Police (10:00-13:00) (The Blackbox)

Did you ever wonder which rights you have as a civilian in difficult situations and how you should act? Then join our Civil Rights workshop given by the Police!

At the workshop, the Police will come and give a short introduction to the different situations the police is faced by every day on the streets, at various events or online. They give you an overview of the rights you got as a civilian and how you should handle different situations and what is allowed for you to do. They will do this with the help of actual camera footage they made at their work and will ask you how you would handle such a situation. They also give you an insight into this specific line of work and why it would be interesting for you. So be quick to sign up cause limited spots are available!

Even if you are not a Magister member, you can sign up for this event! You can create a guest account and sign up.  

Location: The Blackbox
Date: Tuesday, the 14th of March
Time: 10:00 - 13:00 
Admission: Free

Note: this workshop will be held in Dutch