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Careers Law and Technology


Careers in the Netherlands after Law and Technology (17:00-19:00) (Cube 221) 

Did you ever wonder which career to pursue in the Netherlands after finishing your masters in Law and Technology? Then join our speakers event given by both Dutch and International Law and Technology Alumini, which will take place both on campus and online! 

In this event, the speakers will share their story on how they navigated through the career options and explain the steps they took in order to build their professional experience. They will explain why they choose specific organisations to work for and share tips with the students on how to build their skills and network. We have put together speakers that come from different backgrounds, both EU and non-EU to include all students regardless of their background and also offer the chance to online students to join as well! Make sure to sign up, as drinks will follow at Esplanade after the end of the event, where students can interact with the speakers and ask them any additional questions. 

Even if you are not a Magister member, you can sign up for this event! You can create a guest account and sign up.  

Location: Cube 221 
Date: Friday, the 16th of February 
Time: 17:00-19:00
Admission: Free 

Note: This event will be held in English