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Magister JFT is the study-association that represents all Tilburg Law School students. As an international student, you are welcome to become a member!

For international students it can be difficult to get used to living and studying in the Netherlands. Magister JFT wants to help you, by bringing students together at activities, providing discount on study books and more so. We organize lots of interesting activities, such as guest lectures or career-related events, which help developing yourself as a person and perparing yourself for the labor market after your studies. Become a member to get the most out of your time studying in the Netherlands, to meet lots of other students and to be updated about interesting activities and useful information. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate reaching out to us. We are here to help. Send an email to

International Student Services

Magister JFT has a collabortion with International Student Services. Arrange all your basic and social needs, with this easy to use organization, which is free for international students. Organize everything you need to start studying in the Netherlands. Check out their website here, for all information you need.  

  • Magister Introduction Camp

    07 tot 09 oktober 2022

    De Klokkenweide

    • Social
    • Magister JFT Central
  • Open Pleitavonden DiCiT

    12 tot 19 oktober 2022

    Cube Building

    • Study
    • DiCiT
  • International Lunch

    24 oktober 12:00 tot 14:00 uur

    Carpe Noctem

  • Justitia Terrassentour

    27 oktober 19:30 tot 23:00 uur

  • Vrijspraak Weekend

    28 tot 30 oktober 2022

    De Elsbeemden

    • Social
    • Vrijspraak