Tilburg Law School’s Student Party 

Vrijspraak was founded in 1990 as party for student participation at the law faculty in Tilburg. Today, Vrijspraak operates as Student Party of Magister JFT. However, the Party still concerns itself with student participation. In addition to that, Student Party Vrijspraak organises many social activities. Some of those are only accessible to Party members, such as the Vrijspraak Weekend, but there are also plenty of activities that are open to all Tilburg Law School students.


Student Party Vrijspraak is composed of the student sections of the Faculty Council and the Program Committees. These two organs provide the means to participation within Tilburg Law School. They serve the interests of the students. The Faculty Council and the Program Committees receive assistance from two student advisors. These act as a link between Vrijspraak and the faculty. Each month, Vrijspraak organises an Open Party Meeting, during which the agendas of the Faculty Council and Program Committees will be discussed. If you are interested in what is going on within the faculty or curious about Vrijspraak: everyone is welcome! Check the calendar for date, time, and place.

Social activities

In addition to the participation events, Vrijspraak also organises social activities. Part of these are only accessible to party members, such as the legendary Vrijspraak Weekend at the beginning of the year. Besides, we also have activities that are open to everyone, such as the Vrijspraak Beercantus, a yearly occuring highlight. To put some good teachers in the spotlights, Vrijspraak organises the Best Teacher election once a year.


Curious? You’re always welcome at one of our Open Party Meetings! You can also send an e-mail to vrijspraak@magisterjft.nl or stop by at the Vrijspraak room (M105). Vrijspraak also has its own Facebook page! Like us to stay up-to-date.

We hope to see you at an Open Party Meeting or another activity!

Kind regards,

Board 2019-2020

Mats Klaren – Chairman
Sanne van Kuetsem – Secretary
Fleur Beelen – Treasurer
Pim van Kuijk – General Board Member