Young Vrijspraak

Young Vrijspraak is the newest organ of student party Vrijspraak and is active since the academic year of 2017-2018. Young Vrijspraak represents all first and second year students of Tilburg Law School by looking after their interests and addressing the problems these students face. Young Vrijspraak is the link between the Faculty Council and the Program Committees on one hand and the first and second year students on the other hand. Young Vrijspraak aims to be approachable for first and second year students, so they can come to Young Vrijspraak when they experience any problems.

The goal of Young Vrijspraak is that students can already get in touch with student participation at the beginning of their study and that they feel represented and feel like their problems are being addressed. The way Young Vrijspraak tries to make student participation approachable and to represent first and second year students is for example by organising certain activities. Examples of these activities are evaluation session with teachers, students and the faculty board or theme sessions about certain topics.

Young Vrijspraak 2019-2020 consist of:

Pim van Kuijk – coordinator
Lotte Beskers
Dyon Greguss
Johan van Roozendaal
Jette van Lier