Legal Business Days Tilburg

Legal Business Days Tilburg

The Legal Business Days Tilburg is the biggest professional event of Magister JFT. 

This event is organised by the Legal Business Days Committee for all students at Tilburg Law School. During the Legal Business Days, law firms and companies from all over the Netherlands come to Tilburg to meet their future employees. During these five days, workshops, lectures and individual interviews will be held. This is the perfect way for students at TLS to see what kind of opportunities their study brings, and which career path suits them best. The JBT takes place in the second semester of the academic year. 

Are you interested and do you want to participate in the JBT? Then go to for more information. Would you like to be part of the Legal Business Days committee? Keep an eye on our socials and member mail to see when the applications open. For questions, please send an e-mail to

Curious to see an impression? Here you can find the aftermovie of Legal Business Days 2019 and Legal Business Days 2022 

  • Eindejaarscantus

    today from 7:00 PM until 11:00 PM

    Spoorzone, Tilburg

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    • Magister JFT Central